Saturday, October 3, 2015

Konnichiwa! - Week #70

Konnichiwa minasan!
Another week has come and gone! Luckily I am still in Iwakuni so that week was really awesome! As for news, we are still working with Tsugumi San to prepare her for baptism. So we had taught her about Joseph Smith's experience and then we asked her what she thought. Like if she could believe it and she was like yeah I totally think that's possible. Well...ok that settles that. We really focused on Jesus Christ this week because she doesn't really know much about him so we want to develop her faith in him. But she is totally open to it too. She wants to read the scriptures in order to learn more about Him. So cool!

Anyways, right before this lesson Elder Spencer walks in with Bryan, a young single adult, and his friend Dustin. Bryan had an interview with the stake president so we got to talk to Dustin while he waited. And basically now we have an appointment with him tonight to teach him some more! Yay! This is out of nowhere so we were totally surprised. But we are definitely happy about it.

I can't believe how the time is going by. I simultaneously get nervous that I'm not doing enough and that I won't be able to do everything I'm supposed to do. But such is missionary life. So as long as I have the Spirit and some food in my stomach I'm pretty set to go:) Yes, these are the words of wisdom from Sister Malone. If you want actual spiritual upliftment I can send you some of my friends emails, or you can go read some general conference talks!

Sister Malone
P.S. I'm so excited for General Conference it's not even funny! It's just like Christmas!

Branch Picnic at the Beach. So Fun!

Thank you Sis. White for taking these pics 
of us on the beach!

Me & Tsugumi san

Eikaiwa class

All of us with Midori & Tsugumi san 

A pretty view of Iwakuni

Eating lunch near Kintai Bridge

Crossing Kintai Bridge once again!

Of course we have to pose...

                                                                     Enjoying P-day!

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