Saturday, September 26, 2015

What is going on? / Week #69

Konnichiwa minasan!

Well this week has been exciting to say the least. But just to put
everyone's mind at rest because I know you are all super concerned, we
got transfer calls and yes I am staying in Iwakuni. Which is a good
thing because we have an investigator with a baptismal date! Her name
is Tsugumi. You are probably thinking you have never heard that name
before. You would be right because we had only taught her one time
before yesterday. She is such a cool person. She has really strong
faith in God because of an experience she had in a car accident. And
she is already reading the Book of Mormon and feels a power when she
reads it. Who is this girl? Yesterday we went out for sushi and taught
Tsugumi the first lesson and then invited her to choose a baptismal
date. She chose October 4. Haha okay we might need a little more time
to teach her. So we moved it to October 17th. But we are super
excited! She is way prepared.

We have been experiencing a lot of miracles in Iwakuni lately. We are
finding more people who are prepared and ready for this message. It's
way cool. I don't know what we did to deserve this but we are going to
run with it and do all we can to help our investigators come closer to
Christ. (Man I'm such a missionary). In the words of a wise girl we
met on the street: ganbattara, dekiru. You can try and google
translate that one if you like. I'm curious what it would come out as.

This transfer has gone by super fast. It makes me a little nervous for
my next one. We have had our ups and our downs, but overall this is
Heavenly Fathers work. He knows what He wants to happen. Everything is
in His timing. Thank goodness because I would be WAY more stressed if
I thought this was all on me. On that highly spiritual note, I hope
everyone has a good week!

Until next time,

Malone Shimai

Our District - Iwakuni - Sept 2015

A little more serious this time!

Me & Welte Shimai with Yamamoto san

Willson, Stevenson, Me & Welte Shimai

We had a pizza making party again - so much Fun!

Everyone enjoyed it!!

We love meeting for Eikaiwa class

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