Friday, May 30, 2014


Hello family!

So today we're allowed to email home just to let you guys know we're still alive and haven't been translated or anything. So everything is good so far. I love learning Japanese! My teacher is super awesome. My district is great. My companion's name is Sister Chun and she's from California. We taught our first lesson today in Japanese and it was...interesting. Just kidding it was fine. You know broken Japanese and awkward silences while trying to teach about Heavenly Father. It can only go up from here right? So I can tell that the Lord is already testing me but it's all good. Also, mother there are no outlets in our room so I can't use my fan. So I've had to get used to silence already. Let's just say the first night I got like four hours of sleep if that. But I got past it...barely. It's interesting to sleep on bunk beds in dorm rooms with two bathrooms on each level. So apparently I'm getting the dorm experience after all. The food isn't too bad. Luckily, there's lots of options so you can usually find something you like. But they keep us busy and its great. The gospel is awesome! And the spirit is definitely strong here in the MTC. So many great people here from so many different places. Sorry this is all random I'm just typing whatever comes to mind. Well sorry I don't have more time to write this has to be really quick.

Love you guys! Ai shitemas!

P.S. Tell everyone to write me! Especially using Dear Elder because then I can get it any day of the week instead of just on P-day which will be on Thursday.

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Setting Apart

It's official! I've been set apart as a full time missionary. I'm grateful my family was able to be there with me. We were only missing Dev. (Something about school at BYUI or something unimportant.)