Wednesday, November 4, 2015

I swear I was just doing this... - Week #75 + Transfer Update!!

Konnichiwa minasan! 

Ok I swear I was just sitting here typing a letter to you guys, but apparently that was last week. So today is transfer calls, but unfortunately we still haven't received ours. Odds are I am transferring though. Don't ask how I know this, I just do. 

So this past weekend we had an awesome Halloween party with our English class students and some Japanese members, and our YSA group. We had a talent show and lots of games and treats afterwards. It was really fun! I didn't really dress up, but I wore black and orange so I'm Halloween themed! And yes in case you were wondering we did a number for the talent show. It featured lip-syncing Disney songs and dancing. Someday you will all see it. It's quite entertaining.

But to more important things like the gospel! We met with Tsugumi san this week and talked more about her coming to church. So we finally asked her if we picked a date a few weeks out, if she could talk to her boss at work and get that day off. So she chose November 15th. So hopefully she can come to church on the 15th! 
We met with Ayumi too and talked about the Plan of Salvation with her because she wanted to know what happens after this life. It kind of brought up a lot more questions, but that's okay. We will get to them all. 
We also met with Mitchell this week. He found out one of us is probably leaving so he did the coolest thing ever! He searched through the Book of Mormon and found scriptures that apply to us and shared them with us. He's learning how to apply the scriptures! We were so happy when he shared them with us. He chose one of my favorites 1 Nephi 17:13.

Well it's going to be sad to leave Iwakuni but I'm excited for one last adventure! (I'm not excited for the packing part.) I hope everyone has a good week!

Malone Shimai

Hey real quick! I found out earlier but didnt have time to email
because we had Japanese class and a lesson but...
Im going back to Okinawa. In an area called Naha. Its not military,
and my companion is Japanese. First Japanese companion! Pretty
exciting huh? So Ive got a lot of packing and sorting to do because
your luggage has to be a certain weight on the flight. So next weeks
email will come from the beautiful island of Okinawa. Ending where it
all began.

Love you!
Malone shimai

                                                                             The Swag Team sent me mail!!!

Me & Kazumi

We took a trip to "The Chicken Shack"

That's what the Americans call it - I don't know the real name

Our dinner at "The Chicken Shack"

Salmon, Willson, Welte & Me!

We had a great Halloween Party!!

So much fun!!

As you can see....

Some of the group at the Party

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