Sunday, November 22, 2015

This is Okinawa! - Week #77

Konnichiwa minasan!

Well in other news, weather is the same as usual in Okinawa. It`s beautiful, bright, and sunny, oh and then at night there`s a torrential downpour and it`s basically like monsoon season. And I forgot my rain suit so...yeah. I think that is the wettest I have ever been in my life. Sister Kasamatsu wears glasses so we couldn`t ride our bikes because she couldn`t see. There was one point where the street we were walking down had flooded so the water was up to my knees and I was wading through with my bike and in that moment I was like "YES, I am a MISSIONARY!" Don`t worry the rest of the streets weren`t that flooded. It did get a little chilly towards the end. Luckily, I`m in Okinawa because a huge rainstorm in November would be REALLY cold in other areas. 

Speaking of Kasamatsu Shimai, she is from Nagoya area. Aichi ken I think. She is 20 and she is on her 2nd transfer. She is also the cutest Japanese person you will ever meet. She is so bright and cheerful all the time. She really helps me A LOT. Especially with my Japanese.

In other news, we are still teaching Fusano san, our one investigator. She doesn`t really have many lessons left so we are going to invite her to baptism (we were going to do it last week but things changed). 

Other than that we are searching for new investigators who are ready and need the gospel in their lives! Which reminds me, there is a recent convert in our ward. Her name is Shimoji Shimai and she is just the greatest person you will ever meet. She just got baptized last month so she has that missionary fire in her right now. She loves sharing her testimony with everyone. And she loves the sister missionaries. So she took us to this aquarium art exhibit with goldfish. It`s so Japanese I can`t even explain it. But it was pretty cool.

Anyways, thanks for all your prayers and emails! I definitely still need them! But I`m grateful to be here in Okinawa and to have some more growing and stretching opportunities!

Have a great week!
Malone Shimai

It's already Christmas in Japan!!!

Okinawan boy band, because why not?

We went to a Japanese Aquarium - So Japanese...I love it!!

                                                           It's Aquarium Art!!

Me being one with the fish...

Last Zone Training Meeting  

Look who my STLs are! Doki!!

The view from our apartment - Naha Okinawa

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