Friday, November 13, 2015

Back in Okinawa - Week #76

Konnichiwa minasan!

Yes I am emailing you from the beautiful city of Naha in Okinawa. Yes it is still summer here. I should just send all my winter clothes home because I`m pretty sure I won`t need them. So I am on the island of Okinawa again, but my area is Naha so it is completely different from my first area. There are no military people here, it`s all Japanese. But as luck would have it, the very first night we went to the church and who should be there but a member from the military branch in Okinawa. It was fun to see her again. So me and Kasamatsu shimai live with 2 other sisters who are the Naha Sisters. We are the Naha East sisters. As always its lots of fun, especially because Lowe shimai likes to cook so we eat delicious food every day. I live such a blessed life:)

For those of you who want an update on what happened in Iwakuni: I left and Sister Willson went to Beppu to be with my MTC companion Sister Chun. Sister Salmon is training again, still in Iwakuni. And Sister Welte is in a trio with two other sisters now. But she told me things are going good there. They set a baptismal date with Ayumi san!! And apparently they are teaching a friend of Dustin`s who is just like him. AKA he is kinjin!!! So that`s your update for Iwakuni. I miss them all A LOT. 

So we don`t have very many investigators right now so we are gonna work really hard this transfer to find new investigators and the mission has a goal for every companionship to have 2 baptismal dates by Thanksgiving and a baptism by Christmas. So that is our goal for this transfer. Naha has had lots of baptisms and the ward is really big so I know its totally possible here. We can dekiru, as me and Kasamatsu shimai like to say.

I hope everyone has a good week! Keep on ganbaruing!

Malone Shimai

Farewell Party for Me & Willson Shimai
Iwakuni - Nov 2015
I am going to miss my friends in Iwakuni so much!!

Me & Sister Rebecca White

Me and The Mann Family

Me & Sister Shelli Winter

Me with The Billings Family

Sister White, Me & Sister Tessa Wilson

Me & Sister Hope Carter

Me & The Chavez Family

My last time on the Train....

Me, Welte Shimai & Ayumi san

Me & The New Crew! 
Lowe Shimai, Bearman Shimai & Kasamatsu Shimai
Okinawa  -  Nov 2015

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