Thursday, November 26, 2015

Happy Thanksgiving - Week #78

Hello everyone!
Sorry this email will be short but dont worry I will email again on Tuesday. We have had an awesome Thanksgiving at the Wedekinds. It was fun to go back to my old area. I didnt really see anyone but it was cool to see places that I used to go. Its crazy to think it was a year ago that I was here. But we ate delicious turkey and pie and it was Sister Kasamatsus first Thanksgiving. I think she enjoyed it.
As far as missionary work goes we are still teaching Fu chan. She has a baptismal date for December 5 so we are preparing for that. We are really excited! Other than that we have been working really hard to find new investigators but its been hard. Practically everyone we meet has already met the missionaries before. But have no fear! We will find that prepared person who is just WAITING for the missionaries to show up. 
Well because its Thanksgiving I guess I will mention some things I am grateful for. I am grateful for ice cream and pie, and my bike which helps me work off some of that ice cream and pie, my companion, Okinawa and how beautiful it is, my family, everyone who has helped me get to this point, and of course my Savior Jesus Chist and Heavenly Father and their love for us. Everyone have a great week!

Sister Malone

Kasamatsu, Bearman, Me & Lowe Shimai at the Seawall 

All of us with Sis. Wedekind

Beautiful Okinawa Waves

It was very windy!  So pretty!!

Thanksgiving feast at the Wedekinds

Me & Kasamatsu Shimai - It was a great day!!

My area - Naha Okinawa

Me & Kasamatsu Shimai at the church

Me & Kasamatsu Shimai with Shimoji Shimai

Last week's trip to the Art Aquarium - Shimoji shimai took us
Making fish faces..... at the aquarium

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