Friday, December 4, 2015

It`s that time of year! - Week #79

Konnichiwa minasan!

First off I have to wish a Happy Birthday to my grandma! She turned 68 I think...oh no wait reverse that. Well she looks 68 at least. Happy Birthday grandma! Sorry I didn`t send a gift! But I`ve got a really good one prepared! I`ll be sending it in a few weeks...

Anyways, the weather is maybe starting to cool down just a little bit. We can`t be sure. But we are still wearing short sleeves so that tells you how "cool" it is. But it`s officially December now!! Well not for you guys, but for me it is! That means everything Christmas 24/7! Yes! When we were shopping today all of the stores play Christmas songs. Japanese people may not understand the meaning of Christmas, but they understand the commercialism aspect of it just as well as we do. 

But I`m excited that the Church has released another Christmas video this year called A Savior is Born and we are going to hand out cards with the link to the video and invite people to watch it. The phrase at the end says "Discover why." Talk to the missionaries! They can help you discover why a Savior was born!

So yesterday we had the opportunity to take a taxi up to the Okinawa Church for a special training from President Egan and the APs. I was so happy to be able to go back to Okinawa City and be in that church again! I should`ve taken more pictures but I got distracted. Kasamatsu shimai was blown away by the building, and by the American base across the street. She was like "This is not Japan. This is not Japan!" She`s kind of right. Oh and I got to see Sister Peterson and Sister Magalogo again too! 

But anyways, the training was way good! Kaicho talked to us about our faith and asked us "Where is it at?" Whatever the current level it`s at, we can raise it, we can build it. Japan needs it. Everyone has the image that you don`t baptize in Japanese missions, but they want to change that. Then the APs followed up with a training about finding investigators through the Spirit, which is what we need help with right now so you can bet I took really good notes. We are excited to try it out this week.

As for the baptism we were supposed to have this week, it fell though. So we are kind of bummed about it, but we also feel like that was the right thing. She`s not ready for it, and that`s okay. But we are going to keep working hard and ganbaruing! 

Everyone have a great week! Happy December tomorrow! Listen to lots of Christmas music!!!

Malone Shimai

Guess who got to go back to the Okinawa City church?
Yep!  Me!!!

Lots of memories!

Maybelline meets Star Wars....lol

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