Saturday, July 4, 2015

I'm transfer ni-not telling you / Week #57

Konnichiwa minasan!

So this week was transfers. A lot of really good missionaries went home. I feel like everyone I know is leaving soon and I wonder what's going to happen when all of the older missionaries are gone and it's only my group left. I still feel like a transfer 3 missionary. I swear I don't know anything!

But onto the news. So my companion Layton shimai transferred to a place called Nakagawa which is close to Fukuoka. My new companion is Stevenson shimai. She is from American Fork. So our families only live like 20 minutes apart. But she's way awesome! She is transfer 11 so she has a lot of wisdom and her Japanese is pretty fly (a.k.a. way better than mine:) We are excited for the next 7 weeks in Iwakuni!

So this week we had several miracles. It's kind of funny that a lot of things me and Layton shimai have been working towards this entire transfer finally paid off and then she gets transferred. But that is how missionary life goes. So on to the miracles!

On junkais me and Chapman shimai housed into a woman-Umemoto san- and talked with her about God and how we are his children and how he wants us to be happy. And strangely enough, she totally agreed with us. Turns out she likes studying about God and through her studying has come to certain conclusions that tend to agree with our beliefs. It's crazy. So we gave her a Book of Mormon and asked if we could come back sometime. She agreed. So me and Stevenson Shimai went back to see her this week and basically taught her about Jesus Christ, the great apostasy, and the First Vision. She wants to learn more so we are going to see her again. We have a new investigator!

The next miracle is the Carter Family. They are an awesome family! I love being around them. So they told us at the beginning of this past transfer about their friend Mitchell who they know through scouting. The Carters are heavily involved in scouting and Mitchell is an assistant scout master. So they formed a friendship and he started to come over to their house a lot. But they have been so busy with scouting we could never set up a meeting. 
Mitchell is 22, a marine, and he's from Maine (I love Maine!). So finally this week on Wednesday me and Layton shimai had the opportunity to meet him and teach him the first lesson. And it was great. He listened and agreed to read the introduction to the Book of Mormon and pray about it. 
Then on Saturday me and Stevenson shimai taught him again and he agreed to come to church. So basically he's awesome. However, there is one down side to this. He is going on vacation for like a month and a half so he won't be back until August. So we don't get to teach him again until he gets back:( Who goes on vacation in the summer? Geez.

So we have seen lots of miracles this week. I'm sure there are many more I haven't listed. But we just want to work hard and continue to see those miracles! 

I hope everyone has a great week!

Malone Shimai

The Yamashita Family

Hayashi Shimai & Saki chan - We ate Okonomiyaki

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