Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Happy 4th of July! With no fireworks... / Week #58

Konnichiwa everyone!

So I hope everybody had a wonderful 4th of July! Ours consisted of going on base to eat an American meal. The wonderful Mann family took us on base and we ate chicken and fries and had chocolate fudge cake. I love America! Then me and Stevenson shimai taught eikaiwa so our theme for the class was "America" of course! We taught our students the phrase "Home Sweet Home." We may have also taught them the phrase "Come on man!" What? It's American. No there were no fireworks on base. But supposedly Iwakuni will have lots of fireworks in August so we are excited for that!

I have really enjoyed being in a military branch around this time of year because the theme for sacrament meeting talks centers around patriotism and the founding of our country. And then I look around and realize I'm surrounded by those who defend our country. It's a cool feeling. 

So we didn't get to teach Mitchell this week because he was hiking in the Japanese Alps from Tuesday to Friday. But he came to church again on Sunday! We were horrible missionaries and we didn't even invite him. But he came with the Carters again so he must not mind it too much. He's still not sure exactly when he leaves for his training so we might be able to teach him one more time. We will see.

We also had zone training this week in Yamaguchi. The zone leaders talked about prayer and obedience. Two things I definitely need to work on. As a missionary you pray ALL the time. All the time. And so it's hard not to slip into a routine of praying just because that's what you do. I really want to work on making my prayers really sincere and heartfelt again. Me and Stevenson shimai also want to step up our obedience level as far as time goes. We want to get out of the apartment on time and just be where we planned to be at the right time. So those are some of our goals for this transfer! Feel free to follow up with us!

Until next week! 
Malone Shimai

Celebrating the 4th of July!

Zone Training  -  The group

Zone Training

Running from Dark Clouds!!!

Our American Dinner Trial Run

Chicken, Potato Salad & Green Beans!!

Ready to Eat....

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