Friday, June 26, 2015

Another transfer down / Week #56

Konnichiwa minasan!! First off I have to wish a Happy Father's Day to my dad! Sorry it's a day late. Also that present I was going to send you must have gotten lost or something...weird;)

So in case you are wondering why I didn't email yesterday it's because this week is transfers. And in case you are wondering why transfers is a week early it's because we are getting a new mission president. So this transfer is only 5 weeks, and next transfer is 7 weeks. Our new mission presidents name is President Egan, I think. I should know this by now.

This transfer went by super fast. It has made me realize how little time I have and how much more I can be doing. Honestly this transfer we haven't had a lot of success. And it's been hard. But I think it also has to do with my attitude. I haven't done as much as I could have this transfer. We see miracles when we are obedient and doing all we can to do the Lord's work. And honestly speaking I think I could have done more this transfer. But luckily we believe in repentance so I will do better from now on!

But in other news this week, we had junkai. I mean exchanges/splits. Whatever you call them. So I went with Chapman shimai and Layton Shimai went with Ogawa Shimai. We went over to Sister White's house to help her clean out a closet and rearrange some shelves. Those shelves happened to have DVDs on them so I may have gotten a little trunky when I started discussing movies with Sister White. I couldn't help it! But I was really glad for the service opportunity. It's hard to find ways to serve people in Japan because they will never tell you if they need help. Or if you know they need help, they may not accept your help. Not because they are rude or anything. If you receive help then it's polite to return the favor and then it creates an endless back and forth of helping. Not that that's a terrible thing...

But anyways, Sister White is awesome and so is her cooking. Cajun chicken pasta everyone. Try it. 

Also one last experience I want to share. It's small, nothing huge. But just an experience that reminded me that Heavenly Father is truly watching over us and cares about us even down to the small things. So on Sunday me and Layton shimai were out contacting. It was pretty warm outside and we were getting really tired. We weren't going back to eat dinner until 8:00 so we would have plenty of time to bike to the area we were going to. But because it's Sunday we couldn't stop at a conbini to buy a snack to wake us up. Layton shimai commented on how we should have brought a snack like chocolate or something. Although we both realized it would have melted way before we could eat it. So we kept biking, stopping people on the street. I stopped one girl and we struck up a conversation. She told us that she worked at a library and likes reading. So of course Layton shimai starts telling her about the Book of Mormon and pulls one out and hands it to her. She gladly accepted it and even asked if she could pay us for it. But we told her it was a free present. So in return she pulled a small packet of chocolate out of her purse and handed it to us. After she had biked away we laughed at how fast Heavenly Father had provided a snack for us. After eating the chocolate we had enough energy to dendo for the rest of the evening!

Have a good week!
Malone Shimai

Another Pic of Kintai Bridge - So beautiful!

Our District - Iwakuni

I'm an Ice Cream flavor!

Me & Layton Shimai with Eikaiwa students

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