Sunday, July 26, 2015

What even happened this week? / Week #61

Konnichiwa minasan!

So just to review, last week my district went to Hiroshima to see the peace park and bomb museum. It was a good experience, although not something I want to see everyday. The museum really shows the devastation the bomb had on the city and the after effects it had on the people. Looking at the bombing alone it's hard to think people would do that to each other, but of course I know there was a lot more behind that decision. I would definitely recommend anyone go see it though. And of course it was raining, and all of us managed to forget umbrellas so we got a little wet as you can see from the pictures.

This week was really good. So many miracles. 

We taught the Sakamoto couple again this week. We had two members come with us to joint and I feel like it really helped the lesson. However, this also means there was a lot of Nihongo used that I didn't understand. Oh well. We taught about prayer and used the Gospel Principles manual chapter to teach it because the Sakamotos have one now. But the coolest part by far was that at the end Sakamoto san finally prayed for the first time. I didn't think he was going to do it because he kept saying he didn't know what to pray for. But I handed him the pamphlet that shows how to do it and he was reading out loud what it says when all of the sudden I realized he was saying things that aren't in the pamphlet. He was praying! It was so simple and sweet, but so powerful. I don't know if they can feel it, but me and Stevenson Shimai could feel the Spirit there. I love hearing people pray to Heavenly Father for the first time.

Probably the coolest thing this week is that we found a new investigator, Morioka san! We met him Monday night while housing. We asked him what he knew about Jesus Christ and he only knew a little bit (which is normal). But then he actually continued to listen to us which is not normal. So we taught about why Jesus Christ is important, and how Heavenly Father loves us so He sent his Son. Morioka san said he thinks there is a God but he doesn't really believe in Him. So we testified there is a God and we can talk to Him. Turns out Morioka san is going through a really rough time right now with his family situation So we ended up challenging him to pray and said we would come back on Friday to follow up. And he accepted.  

We came back on Friday at the time we said, but he wasn't there. We were really sad because he seemed like he was serious about meeting us again (plus we were missing a baby shower with delicious food on base to come meet him). So we started to write him a note when he pulled up in his car. Yay! So we talked to him about his work, but then ended up talking about God again. And can I just say the Spirit was definitely there because everything just came out the way it was supposed to, and Stevenson Shimai had this awesome comparison with his family situation, and how we are separated from our Heavenly Father, but He still is there and loves us. And Morioka san told us our words "watashi no kokoro no naka de hibikimashita". In other words, the words we said made an impression in his heart. IN OTHER WORDS, he felt the Spirit. It was such a cool moment. So we taught him about the Restoration, gave him a Book of Mormon, prayed with him for the first time, and committed him to come to church. Is that too much? I don't think so.

We also helped a family on base clean their house because they are moving back to the states. Can I just say I love service opportunities? Yeah that's right, I enjoyed cleaning someone's house! Don't count on that when I get home though, mom. I know everyone loves to be independent and do everything themselves, but when the missionaries say they want to serve you, they really mean it!!!!

Anyways, I feel like this week has been about service. Whether it was making cookies, cleaning a house, or just talking with someone who really needed it, there are so many kinds of service that we can offer. And it truly does brighten up that person's life. So if you are overwhelmed by your own personal problems or the world's problems, then go serve someone and you can forget about yourself for a while. 
Love you all!

Malone Shimai

Our District went to Hiroshima to visit 
the Peace Park & Bomb Museum

Ringing the Peace Bell 

Eating out after visiting Hiroshima

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  1. I just wanted to share that Sister Jenkins so appreciated the help cleaning. She said the Sisters were amazing and worked so hard. She was so grateful for the hard work you guys put in and was so glad you came to help. She said her house was probably never this clean before. I am grateful you could step in and fulfill a need where I could not. Sister missionaries Rock!