Saturday, May 2, 2015

Konnichiwa! / Week #48

Konnichiwa minasan!!

So this week was supposed to be all about faith. Each week we are focusing on a part of our missionary purpose. And so obviously the first step is faith. But I`m not gonna lie, this week was hard. I feel like Heavenly Father was testing us to see how we would respond. I am proud to say we are still here with faith intact. But we also saw a lot of blessings. We will probably have a new investigator by next week. And we were able to meet with Tsurunaga san even in her busy schedule. We also met with Yuri chan. She didn`t accept our baptismal invitation which was hard, but we are still going to keep working with her and hopefully find a way to strengthen her testimony, especially of the Book of Mormon. So there were some hard parts this week, but I know Heavenly Father was also blessing us in the end. 

Also random note, I had to be the conductor in sacrament meeting because the usual person was gone. Let`s just say I am not meant to conduct. I understand the concept behind it. I understand the beats and how my hand should be moving, but whenever I put it all together, it just doesn`t work. Needless to say, the ward members were entertained. 

Also we get our ipads tomorrow! Oh man, temptations abound! Hopefully I can withstand my desire to get on Facebook and Youtube. Just kidding. I promise I`m joking.

Everyone have a great week!

Malone Shimai

                                               Our new district, aside from the zone leaders 
                                                           because they are never here

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