Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Yes this is sent from my iPad / Week #49

こんにちわ みなさん^_^
This is what happens when you get an iPad.
So this week was really busy with the iPad training and then another finding training the next day and then junkais on Thursday. But it was really good. The iPads make everything a lot more convenient. We have access to all the church resources now in English and Japanese so I don't have to lug around both sets of scriptures anymore. However we do need wifi to access most things so it hasn't really changed how we find and contact people.

  We had the finding training again because there are a lot of new missionaries who transferred in. So we went to Tsuboi again to receive the training and then go on junkais. And lo and behold I got to partner with my zone leader again. Apparently I didn't learn it right the first time so I had to junkai with him again. Just kidding.

  But my favorite day by far was when the sister training leaders 
came and I got to junkai with Magalogo shimai! We have always wanted  to be companions and we finally got to be comps if only for a day.  It was fun to get to leave our beans behind for a day (don't tell them that). We talked to a TON of people. We had a lesson too but that went way long because she likes to talk a lot. But she is our new investigator Yoshimaru san. She took the lessons before but stopped and then she came to church and asked to take them again. We will see how it goes next time. But the best news by far is that Yuri chan has a baptismal date! Chun shimai and Hilke shimai met her on Thursday and extended the baptismal invite and she accepted! Her baptismal date is June 6. So please keep her in your prayers.

  I'm excited for next week when I get to Skype you guys! From my
iPad! Haha ok I will stop now. Have a great week everyone!

Malone shimai

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