Tuesday, May 26, 2015

I'm speaking English again / Week #52

Konnichiwa minasan!!

So you all may not know this. Actually for sure you don't know because I neglected to say anything last week about transfers. That's only because the call came in at 6:00 pm. But I transferred out of Kumamoto to Iwakuni which is a military branch. So it's in Yamaguchi prefecture, Iwakuni city. Yamaguchi is right below Hiroshima prefecture. There are 4 sisters now. It was a 3 sisters but I rode up with a bean chan so now its 4. And yes I rode a train part of the way to get here. Was it the shink? No. But I'm getting closer! One day I will ride it!

My new companion is Layton shimai. Yes, we lived together in the same apartment in Kumamoto. So it's only been one transfer since we haven't seen each other. She is from Utah, and she is half Japanese so her Nihongo is way awesome!  Even though we work with an American military branch hopefully she can help me keep my Nihongo up to par. We are already having a lot of fun together. And turns out we both kind of miss Kumamoto. It was hard leaving everyone. But I know I will see them again someday!

 But we are going to see miracles in Iwakuni! We only have 1 solid investigator right now, but we are looking to change that. And when we were housing we had a car drive up to us and ask us if we were the missionaries. We said yes and then they told us they were taught by the sister missionaries before. Miracle? I would say so! So we are going to meet with them this week to teach them.

Iwakuni branch is much smaller than Okinawa was but already I love them. They are awesome members. We really want to work with them and start planning some fun activities they can invite their friends to because we can't proselyte on base. So that is kind of the only way we can meet people. 

But have no fear we still go out and do dendo. If there is a Japanese investigator who starts progressing we can go with them to the branch in Yanai which is like 30 minutes by train.

So that's about it for now. More to come next week!

Malone Shimai

Suizenji Park - So beautiful & I got to wear pants 
Double bonus!!

Me, Hilke Shimai and Yuri chan at Suizenji Park - Kumamoto

Roomies!! Will miss them - Last time at Kumamoto Eikaiwa

Me & Yuri chan at Kumamoto Eikaiwa

Kazuki made this for me since I was transferring -
My Bday is in August so he drew Leo which is my zodiac -
He's so awesome!

Me with members of Kumamoto Eikawa

Group Picture at my last Kumamoto Eikaiwa

This is what the Elders looked like for their dance 
in the Eikaiwa talent show - Hilarious!

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