Monday, April 20, 2015

Spiders and missionary work / Week #47

Konnichiwa minasan!

Well there`s been a lot more rain lately. You just get used to wearing your rain suit everywhere you go. Do I feel weird about it? No not really. Because Nihonjins wear them too! I love Japanese people. They take something that would be unfashionable in other places, but is necessary and make it socially acceptable. So wearing sick masks, or wearing sun visors that cover your entire face, or guys carrying purses...ok so maybe that last one is a little different. But it`s great! But as missionaries we still tend to stand out. Curse us and our white helmets. That`s one thing that Nihonjin have not really followed along with.

With the warmer weather me and Hilke shimai have also noticed the return of spiders. And both of us are terrified. We have already had one close encounter with a BIG spider where Hilke shimai almost lost her life. Okay maybe I exaggerate a little. But I`m not exaggerating when I say that we went up 5 flights of stairs of this old apartment and at the top in the corner was a bat. And it totally flew at Hilke shimai`s face. So we ran for our lives. And shortly after that we had the encounter with the spider. Let`s just say that nature is not on the side of missionary work. But we will not give up! (Unless there is a huge spider in the way, we might be deterred.)

So we were able to meet with Yuri chan and Tsurunaga san this week! We taught Yuri chan about the priesthood, and were helped by Fukino kyodai who is a convert of about 2 years I think. He`s awesome and I always love hearing his perspective on the gospel because he always sees things differently than someone who has been a member for a long time. We have pretty much finished any lessons Yuri chan may have not heard before. So this coming week we want to extend a baptismal invitation to her and help her take that next step, even if she may still have questions and doubts.

We met with Tsurunaga san and read from Alma 32 and challenged her to read from the Book of Mormon a little bit everyday. When we were reading from Alma 32 she totally felt the Spirit. Her brother was a member and he passed away from cancer but he was holding the Book of Mormon when he passed, so I know she knows there is something important about it. But it`s just a matter of her seeing how the Book of Mormon can personally help her. 

We also had Zone Training Meeting this week. The zone leaders did a really great job of reminding us of our purpose for being here. Sometimes when you get out on your mission and things get difficult you forget why you wanted to serve a mission and what kind of missionary you wanted to be. So we all shared why we are out here and hearing everyone`s testimonies really helped all of us remember why we are here and what we want to become. It was a good reminder for me. I get bogged down with the everyday rigors of missionary work and forget about what kind of missionary I want to be and how I ultimately am trying to be more like my Savior. So just remember in your everyday busy lives to look at the bigger picture and make goals to stretch yourself, to become more like the Savior little by little everyday. Like L. Whitney Clayton talked about the little girl Sailor who saw the light and followed it to reach safety. Sometimes that light was out of sight and she had to keep going even when she couldn`t see it. So even if we may feel like we don`t see or feel the Savior`s light, just keep pushing through and you will find Him again. 

Also because I know all of you are dying to know, I still don`t have an ipad. But our zone leaders do. And they like to pull them out at any opportunity:) Just ask them and they will show you. 

Until next week!

Malone Shimai

Sometimes the winds are very strong here!  
The struggles of missionary life!

You won't believe what Japanese people put in their yards or on their porches. 
Statues of dogs, cats, gnomes & apparently jaguars!

Sometimes we're just silly...

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