Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Yesterday, all of September seemed so far away... - Week #66

Konnichiwa minasan!!!

Can you believe it is September already? I can't. But a new month always brings new exciting things and new possibilities so I am pretty excited. We have been pretty busy with training and putting records into the iPad and surveys and all of this extra stuff that needs to be done so I am excited to get back to the normal routine. Sister Welte is doing good now and has learned that Japanese rice is amazing so as long as she has some rice, the world is a good place.

We had a nice little typhoon this week. Just some intense rain and wind but nothing too bad. Not like Okinawa by any means.

We met with Yamamoto San twice this past week and he has been reading the Book of Mormon and even prayed after we committed him to. He still has lots of doubts and questions, so I think the key is getting him to feel it, not just understand it. So we are going to work on that.

Morioka San got injured at work so he wasn't able to meet with us, but apparently he still went to work the next day. Nihonjin man. They are unstoppable when it comes to work.

The Sakamotos are also back, he's been in the hospital because he had to have surgery. But he is doing good now.

Our other good news is that Mitchell is back! Woohoo! We haven't met with him yet but we are super excited. Hopefully he is as excited as we are.

Sorry this email is super scattered. It just reflects our week. But there are good things coming, and I know there are good things in store for all of you so look forward to the future!

Love you
Malone shimai

                   Me & Welte Shimai eating out!!

I got a package from Uncle Bob & Aunt Barbara - Yay!!

Me, Welte Shimai, Salmon Shimai & Willson Shimai

Having fun at Eikaiwa!

All of us at Eikaiwa

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