Friday, June 26, 2015

Miyajima and so much more! / Week #55

Konnichiwa minasan! So yes this week I did go to Miyajima. And it was beautiful. So I took lots of pictures. Probably not as many as other people would. But hey sometimes you just need to look at nature and not snap pictures of it. It was a little rainy the day we went, but luckily not a downpour. The biggest takeaway I got from miyajima is that it was a beautiful place, with WAY too many deer. Who eat your food, and your bags, or anything that remotely even looks like food. But other than that it was great. But before I forget because this is super important. Happy Birthday Kevin!! Sounds like you had a good one! You're 30 now right? So this week was good. We were able to teach Matsuo san finally. It went really well because we taught her at a members house and her kids weren't with her so there were no distractions. We talked about how God is our loving Heavenly Father, but if he loves us why do we have trials? Matsuo san has some trials in her family right now so we felt like this was a good thing to talk about with her. We shared a Mormon message about a woman who also had lots of trials in her life. It's called the Refiners Fire. We talked about how we can grow from trials and learn to help others. We can find peace and joy through our Savior Jesus Christ. I think the message really touched her. Hopefully from now on all our lessons can go like that. We had our Eikaiwa talent show this weekend. And we had 3 new students come for the first time. They are all high school age girls. I think they had a really good time and want to come again next week. We also had some members from the Yanai branch attend which was really nice. Afterward we had some desserts and everyone stayed to mingle and talk which was good. When we just have Eikaiwa everyone tends to leave pretty fast after the game ends. But this time everyone was talking with each other. We had some nice talents. One of our students sang Let It Go from Frozen of course. And one man showed us a traditional samurai dance. And of course we did our Lion King puppet show. I have a video of it so I promise someday you can watch it. Although it is in Japanese... Anyways we are looking forward to the coming week and hoping to find some new investigators to teach! Thanks for all your prayers and emails and letters! Malone Shimai

Miyajima - It's so pretty!!

Miyajima Island - We had a great time!

On the ferry to Miyajima

The view from the ferry

                                                         Another view from the ferry

The deer are everywhere in Miyajima

The deer will eat any food you have. 
Even tissues, or my bag...That's not food!!

Me & Layton Shimai - Miyajima torii

                                                                       All four of us

The Kintai Bridge from afar in Iwakuni

We went to a beautiful garden by the Kintai Bridge

A member's daughter, Hitomi chan - She is so cute!

                                                                  More pretty flowers

A group of us at Eikaiwa

Our puppets from the Talent Show

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