Sunday, June 7, 2015

Iwakuni=Rock Country, no really that's what it means! / Week #54

Ok hello everyone! Now that I work with the military again I thought I would open with English. We are supposed to practice speaking the language you know. So this week went by really fast. Me and Layton shimai are getting the hang of the area more so we are getting more effective. We are also planning some fun activities for the upcoming weeks. On Saturday we are doing a talent show for eikaiwa but we also invited the Yanai members to come. Layton shimai decided it would be cool to do a shadow puppet show of Lion King so we have been cutting out cardboard shaped like lions in order to make the puppets. Layton shimai does all of the drawing and I do the cutting because I cannot draw at all. But I'm always good for manual labor! We are also planning a 4th of July activity with the Yanai branch where we will teach them to make some American type dishes and then we will all eat the food together. The idea is for them to invite their friends so we can meet them and so they want to come to future events. I'm also finally back on my bike. I may have neglected to mention that right before I left Kumamoto I got a flat tire and I didn't have time to fix it. So I came to Iwakuni with a flat tire and there's not really a bike shop that's close around here. But luckily our ward mission leader Brother Mann is great with bikes and he fixed it. Well the next day my back tire was flat, so then he had to fix that one. But anyways it's all good now and I'm back on my bike instead of riding the bike all the Japanese grandmas and grandpas ride.
 It was fast and testimony meeting yesterday and some families are leaving Iwakuni branch so a lot of people got up to bear their testimonies. It was awesome! In particular they spoke about how they have grown so much here in Iwakuni and how they have seen the hand of the Lord in their lives while they have been here. And I hope to have the same experience while I am here. I already love the ward members and because it's a smaller branch I really admire the time they dedicate to the gospel. Military people are super busy but they always find time to help us out. The same goes for the Japanese members. They are SUPER busy but they always find ways to help and serve us. So hopefully we can repay them by finding lots of investigators to bring to church! Well we are off to Miyajima. Don't worry I will take pictures. If you are too excited and can't wait you can look it up online:) Have a great week!

                            Me arriving at Iwakuni after 7 hours on a train!

                           Eating with the sisters after my arrival in Iwakuni

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