Thursday, April 16, 2015

The end of one transfer, the beginning of another, and more importantly General Conference! Is this subject line too long? / Week #46

Konnichiwa minasan!

Well another transfer has ended! I hesitate to say that I`m a transfer 7 missionary now because some people might get confused and think that I know what I`m doing. Which is false!  

Probably to no one`s surprise I am still in Kumamoto with Hilke shimai! Thank goodness. But there were lots of changes in our district. Since Parker choro went home we got a new zone leader-Boyden choro. And turns out he is my kohai from the MTC. So he is a zone leader at transfer 6. He gets to be the lucky elder to kill McClane choro. (Not literally, this is a missionary term, don`t want to alarm anyone).  Layton shimai also transferred out so the new sister is from Fiji and her name is Taufaga shimai! She`s way cool. And last but not least, we have a new district leader! And he`s a Nihonjin! Keikyu choro! He`s kind of quiet, but don`t worry, by the end of this transfer me and Hilke shimai will have changed that:)

We watched General Conference this weekend with all the Tsuboi and Shimizu missionaries. I always love seeing them again. But back to General Conference, all of the talks were so good! I just want to watch all of them again. But I took pretty good notes so at least I can go back and read over my notes again. There was a big focus on family and marriage, but I also noticed that a lot of the talks focused on finding peace amid troubling circumstances. I think that is going to become more and more important in today`s world. Even as a missionary, that`s important. If we can just keep our focus on Christ, even if we are unsure of everything else, even if everything else seems to be against us, He will not desert us. I feel like that was the message in several of the talks and it is what stood out most to me. I hope the gospel is still wonderful to all of you. It was something I needed to be reminded of. 

So we didn`t get to meet with Tomomi or Tsurunaga san this week. But we did meet with Yuri chan. And she came to General Conference! She`s the best! She liked how some of the talks spoke on people who have doubts and questions about the gospel, since that is something she also struggles with. I hope that she was able to find answers to some of her questions through watching conference. I know I found answers to mine! 

Well that`s pretty much it for this week! Thank you for all of your prayers. It really helps. We will keep on ganbaruing in the Lord`s work and do our best to be instruments in his hand. Have a great week!

Malone Shimai

Pretty flowers are coming out!

Eikaiwa!  Parker Choro's last time

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