Friday, April 10, 2015

Easter in Japan! Nobody knows what you`re talking about! / Week #45

Konnichiwa minasan!

Thanks for all your emails about General Conference that are making me jealous. Now I have another thing I need to repent of. Coveting other people`s ability to watch General Conference.
But I`m excited to watch it this weekend!

Even though we didn`t get to watch General Conference, we still celebrated Easter! The mission sent everyone these little cards that have the link to watch the new video "Because He Lives" so we spent a lot of this week handing those out and inviting everyone to our special Easter program. The funny thing though is in Japan they don`t celebrate Easter so you kind of have to explain it to them first, and then invite them to come! In Japanese it is called fukkatsusai, or resurrection day. 

We did an Easter Eikaiwa activty and I think the students loved it because they`ve never done a Easter Egg Hunt or dyed eggs before. All of them thought the coloring eggs part was so cool. Although it did make me wonder how this even got started? Who decided coloring eggs was the thing to do on Easter?

On Saturday we met Tomomi san for dinner again with Tsukano shimai. Afterwards we went to the church and gave her a tour so she would be comfortable coming in the next day. We stopped at the baptismal font and talked about baptism. Tsukano shimai shared her testimony and it was cool because Kametani shimai was in there and she was baptized 3 years ago so it was good for her to share her testimony of baptism since it wasn`t that long ago. It`s all new stuff for Tomomi san but hopefully she felt the Spirit!

But the program on Sunday was so good in the Kumamoto ward! And the best news ever! Tomomi san came! This was her first time so she probably heard a lot of things she didn`t understand but hopefully she just felt the overall spirit of the meeting too because it was awesome. It was Fast Sunday and there was a line to share testimonies. I love this ward. They even had to cut it short so that we had time to watch the video. But everyone shared their testimonies of Jesus Christ and His resurrection. I love Easter Sunday because everyone is always filled with such hope and looking to the future with faith. At the end we watched the video on the big projector screen and I hope I wasn`t the only one who was wanting them to play it like 5 more times. But they didn`t. Overall we had 12 nonmembers come to church. Mainly thanks to Elder Parker and McClane. Elder Parker is dying this week and so he gave a last testimony and sang Abide with Me in his lovely Hawaiian voice. So several people came to see him for the last time.

I can`t believe another transfer has gone by. I`m going on transfer 7! Holy cow! I`m not really too worried about what`s going to happen. I`m 99% sure me and Hilke shimai will stay here for one more transfer. I`ve definitely learned a lot and this transfer has really shown me a lot of my weaknesses, but I hope to keep moving ahead and make next transfer a good one! Until next week!

Malone Shimai

More Flowers!  Love it!

Tomomi san & Tsukano shimai

Us eating at the Dome Place- 
Don't know the real name but it's shaped like a dome

My food at the Dome Place!

Our District - Kumamoto

Here we are again...

We ate at the coolest place with our Eikaiwa students - 
It's at an onsen (hot springs) & no we didn't do that part!
It's a buffet and it was delicious!!

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