Thursday, August 13, 2015

Oops I'm training again / Week #63

Konnichiwa minasan!

So by far the biggest news I received this week was when I received a call from my mission president on Thursday. And I missed the phone call because I thought it was the other sisters' phone. Then I looked and my heart dropped into my stomach when I saw it was kaicho. Don't ever miss phone calls from your mission president. Anyways, he asked me if I became a trainer again if I would work hard, be obedient, and love my new companion? I said yes of course. And then he said "Ok, I still need to check with Heavenly Father and see what he wants, so we will let you know." Ok great. So it came as no surprise Friday night when I got a call from one of the APs and he informed me that I would be training. Honestly, training was not the easiest thing for me so to find out I am doing it again-let's just say I wasn't jumping up and down with joy. But I definitely feel a lot more prepared this time. And I went to the trainers training meeting yesterday and found out basically every sister who came in at the same time as me is training, again. We are all on our second trainee, except for Chun shimai. She's on her 3rd. (Yikes).

But honestly I know this next transfer will be full of miracles and we will have lots of fun! Because it you're not having fun in dendo, then you are doing something wrong!

And turns out all the other sisters are transferring out of Iwakuni so I will be the only one who knows anything about this area. Otherwise known as area senpai. 

Thanks for the birthday wishes! It will be an exciting birthday that's for sure. I will send you pictures of my new companion next week!
Love you all!

Malone Shimai

I finally rode the Shinkansen to Fukuoka!!!
                              Me & Chapman Shimai with our towels & vitamin water (nasty!)
                                                         Driving to our Pizza Party

                                                        We made the pizzas!

Us eating the Pizza - You can't really see me...

Fireworks in August

It was nice to see them since we didn't get any in July!

The fireworks were so pretty!

Stevenson Shimai and I being weird

The Ueda Family & Morioka Shimai

We heart attacked The Sakamotos

They loved it so much they wanted to take pictures!

Opening my Bday package from home
I was so excited to get my favorite!

The members on the base gave Parmley Shimai
& I a Birthday Party!!


It was so nice of them and we had a great time!

We went to a pottery class on our Pday

I made a rice bowl

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