Sunday, October 26, 2014

Transfer 3 / Week #22


I can't believe I'm on transfer 3! I'm no longer a bean technically. But in reality I still feel very much like a bean. Pinzon Shimai thinks she's going to transfer next time and that I'll be left here to teach the new person how everything works in Okinawa. To which I say: No way! Why am I the one who is staying? I don't know anything!

Anyways, Happy Halloween on Friday! The military branches and Okinawa ward are having a trunk or treat for everyone. Yay for candy and handing out pictures with Jesus on them!

Well you can guess what the high light of our week was. On Saturday Sam and Jonathan were baptized and yesterday they were confirmed! I am so happy for them. Sam was lit up after her baptism. She couldn't stop smiling. And I was kind of surprised how happy Jonathan looked. He kept thanking everyone who came or helped out in some way. It's so wonderful to see a couple get baptized together. Their whole goal now is to be worthy to go to the temple next year. And I'm not worried about them if we get transferred or something. They will be well taken care of.

Now that Sam and Jonathan are baptized we are trying to find our next golden investigator who really wants to come closer to Christ. A lot of our investigators right now are not progressing or are taking very very small steps forward. So we will probably be doing a lot more finding and asking members. We want the elect!

We do have one investigator who seems to be progressing. It's been a long time coming. His name is Nitta san. He's in his 60's. He believes in the Bible but he doesn't really like the Mormon church (or any church for that matter). He used to tell us all the things he didn't like about our church. But he's slowly been softening towards us every time we see him. So now we teach him lessons from the Bible. And last time he seemed like he really wanted to hear our explanation of what we believe, not just what's in the Bible. He's still a long ways from coming to church but we just want to show him that what he believes and what we believe is very very similar. It's exciting!

Also transfers happened. Wells Shimai's new companion is Jeffery Shimai. She's from Provo Utah and we totally know the same person Kaytlyn Monsivais (Marr)! The world is so small when you're a missionary. So that's exciting. Jeffery Shimai's pretty cool. She's getting used to Okinawa life and missionary work. It's different than mainland from what I hear. So it sounds like I will have yet another culture shock when I go to mainland...whenever that is.

I hope everyone has a great week! Dress up for me and eat lots of candy!

Malone Shimai

Sam, Jonathan & Sebastian - Baptism Day

Pinzon Shimai, Me, Sam, Jonathan and Sebastian - 
The Evans Family (Great member missionaries!)

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