Monday, October 13, 2014

So there was this typhoon... / Week #20

Me and Pinzon Shimai were both sick on Wednesday. Well me more than her. It's not fun to be sick as a missionary. I will definitely be more careful about eating "Mexican" food in Okinawa.

The luau went really well! So many people came even though there was a typhoon coming. The members here are awesome. Haha Sister Crosby was joking saying everyone else is staying inside and preparing for Typhoon Vongfong and what do the Mormons do? They throw a luau!
The tours went really well. Although we had a lot of Japanese people in our group and all the leaders only spoke English so we tried to translate for them but I'm not sure how much they understood...anyways it was still fun! And the performances were so good. I wish I had recorded more of them. I only did a few and it's really noisy. We had a Hawaiian elder from Naha come up and sing a few numbers. And Sister Nagamine did some hula. I'm kind of sad and at the same time relieved that the luau is over. Now we will have more time for other things!

So the typhoon. Yeah. It started Friday night. During the luau all the military people's phones went off saying it was a TCCOR 3 or something like that. We were hurrying to clean up the luau and luckily the Crosby's gave us a ride home in their van because it was getting super windy. So basically we just stayed inside our apartment the whole time. We had enough food and water. The wind was super strong and it rained constantly both days.

So even though there was a typhoon on Saturday and Sunday we still managed to listen to General Conference because one of the elders downloaded the audio onto my SD card. I really needed General Conference. I don't understand how people can't recognize that these are men called of God. Apparently it's possible though because there were a lot of talks about sustaining our prophets and leaders. But everything they said just helped me so much. As a missionary I feel like I got more out of it than usual. I loved Elder Bednar's talk. I want to hand it out to everyone I meet. And President Uchtdorf was awesome as usual. I wish we could have general conference every week!

We met with Sam and Jonathan on Thursday and Sam decided to move her baptism back two weeks. But the good news is that Jonathan is also getting baptized in two weeks! They are getting baptized together! Plus Sam's baptism wouldn't have really worked out with the typhoon and everything. Of course that means it falls after transfers...but it's okay! It's not about us it's about them.

I hope everyone is doing well! Listen to General Conference if you haven't! It will answer your questions and strengthen you! I promise! Love you guys!

Malone Shimai

                                           Me & Pinzon Shimai at the beach

Wells Shimai, Me, Pinzon Shimai & Nagamine Shimai

                                            Beach Craziness!!

Okinawa is so pretty!
                                           The lighthouse in the daytime
                                            It was very windy!!

                          One of the members made this cake for the Luau

                                          The Luau - Fri. October 10, 2014

Hawaiians are so cool!!

Typhoon Vongfong from Space Station

Typhoon Vongfong - October 11, 2014 - Passed over Okinawa

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