Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Transfers! / Transfers: Am I staying or going? / Week #15


Ok this letter will be kind of short. But I'll try to include the important things. 

We find out transfers later today! I will let you know and send a really quick email on whether I'm staying or leaving. Also I have a little less than 15 months left on my mission. Isn't that weird? I feel like I just started. I mean I know I did out in the field but it's just going by so fast.

We met with Karla and she is getting baptized on September 27!!!! I'm so excited! She really is so amazing and so ready for this. We just need to teach her the commandments and the laws and ordinances. But there's plenty of time for that. 

We're going zip lining today! Woohoo! Yeah that's right. Okinawa is cool.

I have to give a talk in the Japanese ward this coming Sunday on honesty. Yikes. When is there time to write a talk in Japanese? I don't know.

Things are moving along with all of our investigators. We had Karla and Tamiko-san come and see a baptismal service and I think that really helped them. Satomi san told us she's been praying everyday which is cool. We will probably have two new investigators that we're teaching by the end of this week. Our schedule is always crazy but somehow Heavenly Father makes it work out, sometimes even better than we planned.

Our mission had a goal on Sunday for 200 investigators or nonmembers to show up to church and we had 208 people come! Fasting and prayer really do work. And inviting people. But the members here are so awesome! Missionary work really goes so much better when the members are involved.

We had exchanges with the Sister Training Leaders for the first time this week and I was nervous about it at first but it turned out really great. I don't know why I was nervous. It's just weird to not be with your companion and feel like the other sister might be wondering why you're not good at a lot of things but it totally wasn't that way because Wells Shimai is awesome!

For eikaiwa on Thursday we had a talent show and most of the missionaries shared a talent. Wells Shimai and I sang I Heard Him Come. It was really fun and I think our eikaiwa students really enjoyed it. Some of them even did some talents like magic tricks and guitar. I videoed it on my camera so I'll see if there's a way to send it. If not, you can all see it when I get home. 

Glad to hear everyone's doing well! Sounds like Devin and Dad are having fun in Chicago. Mom's probably enjoying being alone. Just kidding. 

Good luck to everyone else who had transfers recently! And whatever does happen is for the best I know. But I'm not going to lie I want to stay in Okinawa. 

Love you all!

Malone Shimai


*So we got the call just barely! And...I'm staying!!!! All four sisters are staying! I'm so happy! I know there's so much work to do here and I'm happy I get to be a part of it for one more transfer!!

Love you!

Malone Shimai

Zone P-day "The Winning Team" jk...we lost!

Whip Cream Challenge - Find the gum, chew, blow bubble & pop!

Going to dinner with our Eikaiwa friend Minami

Church - Everyone in stripes but Me

Zip Lining - So fun!

Zip Lining on P-day

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