Sunday, September 21, 2014

Still hot / Week #17

Konnichiwa minasan! 

It's still hot as ever here. People keep saying it's going to cool down but this week felt just as hot as August. But now everyone is saying once it's October it will get better.

This week was really good. Karla is getting baptized on Saturday! I'm so excited! We're trying to get everything ready for Saturday. Her and her son have been sick recently so we've had to rearrange some of our appointments and what we teach her when, but it's all going to work out! We've taught her all the commandments so we just need to finish lesson 5. Her baptismal interview is scheduled for Wednesday. Other than being sick though she's doing great and feeling excited for Saturday!

We met with Sam and Jonathan for the second time on Thursday and it went really well. We taught about the Plan of Salvation and both of them really felt the Spirit. Sam especially, she said she felt like crying after learning about it. She is really ready for baptism I think. Her husband Jonathan has never really been religious at all so I don't know if he's quite as ready but he's praying and keeping the commitments too. We gave Jonathan his own copy of the Book of Mormon so that he can start reading it. Sam is already on chapter 12 of First Nephi. They also came to the branch social on Friday so they are getting to know more people. Some people thought they were already members. In other words, they're doing great.

I also had my first zone training meeting on Thursday. It was so good! The zone leaders and the sister training leaders did a really good job. I was writing down notes and ideas for investigators during the training. We went through Alma 22 and broke down each verse to see what Aaron did to teach King Lamoni's father, because Aaron's an awesome missionary.

We finally met Tamiko san after a couple weeks of not seeing her. We met with her on Friday and Saturday. We shared Ether 12 verse 27 with her. She has been struggling with some things and this scripture really helped her. She wrote it down so she could read it again and again. We also started talking about the Book of Mormon because that's a strong point for her. She knows the Book of Mormon is true even if she doesn't understand everything in it. So we committed her to read the introduction and next time we will talk about Joseph Smith and how if the Book of Mormon is true then everything else is true. I'm excited. Even though we hadn't seen her for a while she seems like she's more ready to hear these things now.

We biked the furthest we've ever biked this week and let me tell you at the end of it, it wasn't pretty. We were so gross. But we got no sympathy from the other sisters because they bike that far all the time...anyways, I think I made up for all that biking because the two military branches both had a branch social and there was lots of delicious food...yeah.

Some important notes-
On Sunday we went up north to a members house and I finally got to see the ocean! I mean I'd seen it from far away but we actually walked on the beach. It's so pretty! Sometimes I forget I'm on an island.

Happy Birthday Bri!! September 26! It's you first birthday in Texas!! It's probably going to be better just because of that. Have some fun! But not too much fun, if you know what I mean.

There's lots of Jehovah's Witnesses here. One day we saw them twice in two completely different areas. Maybe they decided to follow us. I don't know.

Elder Ho says hi. He's Hawaiian so he's cool.

Have a great week everyone! 
Malone Shimai

Me & Pinzon Shimai on the beach

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