Monday, March 9, 2015

This is Kumamoto! / Week #40

Konnichiwa minasan!

So I`m in Kumamoto area now which is like 20 minutes away from Tsuboi. Probably the smoothest transfer I`ve ever had in terms of transportation. And packing wasn`t bad because I didn`t have to worry about a weight limit this time! Luckily Carvalho shimai transferred to Nagamine so we still live together, just in a different apartment.

So I know what you all really care about. And it`s not me. You want to hear about my bean chan! So her name is Sister Hilke. She is from Minnesota. She`s 19. And she likes reading and Lord of the Rings so we are going to be awesome companions obviously. But really she`s such a better bean than I was. I don`t deserve her. She is way braver than I was. But it`s interesting to watch her and remember when I used to be a bean and how I felt. Like not understanding any Japanese. At all.

But have no fear I`m taking care of my bean. We went and bought her a bike and got her all the essential things that beans need. Like rain suits and bike basket covers. Oh and food. We went out finding for the first time on Saturday and she did great. She already introduces us when people answer the door. I don`t think I said anything my whole first transfer. Man, how did Pinzon shimai put up with me?

If there is one blessing I`ve noticed already it`s that I`m able to understand more Japanese and use more Japanese than I thought I could. Maybe it`s just because it all depends on me now. Before with Pinzon shimai if I didn`t understand I didn`t worry about it too much because I figured she would. But now I`m the one who has to understand so I pay a lot more attention I think. I am by no means understanding everything that people say but enough to communicate. Yay for communication! 

So white washing into a new area (well a reopening area) is not my favorite thing. I`m hoping this is the only time on my mission I have to do this ( I probably just jinxed myself by saying that). Luckily I can ask Layton shimai about members and investigators because she was here last transfer and covered both Kumamoto and Nagamine areas. So we aren`t starting from scratch. But it`s definitely different when you don`t have a companion who has been in the area and can introduce you to everyone and tell you the state of investigators, less actives, etc. But I`m trying to do my best and learn quickly. 

Also I just have to make a comment about my new ward mission leader. I think my ward mission leaders are getting progressively outside the box of your typical ward mission leader. In Okinawa it was Tumori kyodai and he was a dad with like 4 kids so he was pretty normal. Then in Tsuboi it was a 19 year old who is preparing for his mission. And now my dendo shunin is a 31 year old artist who paints these awesome contemporary pieces of Christ and other people. It`s way interesting. I wonder what my next ward mission leader will be like...

Anyways, we went to church yesterday and met the members and they are way awesome! It`s a pretty good sized ward. Definitely a lot of people to get to know. But I`m excited for that. 
We also had a lesson with our investigator Yuri chan. She has been an investigator for a while. She`s received all the lessons so she knows pretty much everything she needs to in order to be baptized. I think she even had a baptismal date at one point. So our goal with her this transfer is to do a lot of BRT (build a relationship of trust) and get to the heart of why she`s holding back from baptism. But she`s super sweet. She`s in college studying English! (She reminds me of our investigator Emi in Tsuboi). 

We also had an appointment with a potential investigator Noguchi san (this is not the old couple in Tsuboi in case you are confused). But she had to cancel at the last minute so we are hoping to meet her this week instead.

We are doing a lot of finding, hoping to find some new investigators and get things rolling here in Kumamoto! I`m looking forward to the exciting things that will happen this transfer. This will definitely be an interesting transfer. Until next week!

Malone Shimai

Last time at Eikaiwa (English class)...  :(

Oshima Choro's farewell party - He's dead (going home) - I can't believe it!!

Oshima Choro and the swag team! (We made them hold this pose forever)

We are definitely an interesting bunch!!

The swag team is awesome!!  
They gave us t-shirts with a pic of us on the front and our kanji on the back.
(Those of us who are transferring)

I love my gift!!

I had no idea they were making those faces!

The Bishop and his wife took us to sushi.

My sushi!

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