Monday, March 9, 2015

Guess who`s coming to Fukuoka? / Week #41

Konnichiwa minasan!

So this week seems like a blur. I really can`t remember a lot that happened, but me and Hilke shimai have been doing our fair share of finding. No new investigators yet, but definitely lots of handing out chirashis and inviting people to church and telling them that there is a God and He loves them!

We went to Eikaiwa for the first time here and it`s definitely different than what I`m used to. They have all 3 classes in one big room so it`s really noisy. I`m back to teaching advanced class, which I`m a little sad about. I loved teaching the beginners class in Tsuboi! But now I teach with Parker choro and its great because the students just ask him questions about his life in Hawaii. And then I may have accidentally mentioned that he has a beautiful singing voice (he sang at the PCC in Hawaii) and now all the students want to hear him sing. Ooops.

We had Zone Conference yesterday so Kaicho and shimai and the APs came and gave us a great training about remembering "Christ is the Reason." The reason we do this work is because we love Christ and want to share his love and his gospel with others. And the only possible way we can accomplish this work is because of Christ`s Atonement. We talked about the enabling power of the Atonement and it`s something I needed to be reminded of since I`ve become a trainer and reopened an area. I`ve been feeling a little overwhelmed, but I need to remember to rely on the Lord`s help and humbly acknowledge that I most definitely cannot do this on my own.

Then we talked about breaking barriers with our investigators by asking inspired questions and using the teaching and commitment cycle. This was a great reminder for what we need to do with Yuri chan to find out what exactly is holding her back from baptism. We will let you know by next week how it goes! 

Also the coolest news by far is that Elder Nelson is coming to our mission!! He`s coming next Saturday on the 21st. And part of the big reason he is coming is to give a training on ipads. Yes we are getting ipads in April. It`s going to be way cool, it`s also going to cause a lot of problems. The other thing I found out yesterday is that they are organizing a choir to sing for Elder Nelson at the conference. And somehow they know who has a musical background and chose all of the people already and yes I am one of them. How do they know this stuff?! But the best part is that Magalogo shimai and Cox shimai are both in the choir too!! So we have a rehearsal the day before in Fukuoka and then we will perform the next day. So they emailed the music to us and we are supposed to practice on our own. I`m excited but also wondering how this is all going to turn out...

Also today we are planning on finally going to Kumamoto castle!! Duane I hope you`re proud of me for finally going! But it`s super cold today and maybe there was even some snow falling...I think that was a trick of my eyes though. Obviously it can`t be snowing here.

Thanks for all the prayers and support! I really do appreciate it! Have a great week!

Malone Shimai

Zone Conference - Me with 3 out of 4 companions!
It's impossible to take a picture without missionaries photobombing...
If you think missionaries are mature, you're dead wrong!!

And the 4th - Jeffery Shimai

Went to the Tojo's for dinner with our investigator Yuri chan.
So much fun!!  It was a hilarious mix of English and Japanese.
Love this family already!!

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