Monday, February 16, 2015

The most romantic Valentines Day ever!...did not happen to me. Because I`m a missionary, and that would be bad / Week #38

Konnichiwa minasan!!
This week was awesome! I think I write that every week. Sorry I`m not more original! Also sorry about the rant about cold weather last week. It`s actually better already. I think my prayers are being answered.
So this week we had Elder Whiting from the Area Presidency come and speak to us. Of course, it was awesome. He had a Q&A session where we could ask him anything (within reason) and we ended up talking about authority and power. This is something I`ve never really thought about before. As missionaries, we are set apart or given the authority to preach the gospel. But that does not mean we automatically preach with power. That comes with time (I think) and obedience and a whole bunch of other things. So we learned from awesome missionaries like Alma, the sons of Mosiah, and Nephi and Lehi, how to teach with both authority and power. So that`s a new goal we have! To teach with power from the Spirit!
Update on Satoru san, he came to FHE on Monday and had a really great time! He also came to another shokuji (meal) we had at a members house last night. He told us in the car ride back that he`s been reading a little from the Book of Mormon and then proceeds to tell us about Nephi building a boat or when he needs to get the plates from Laban. Yeah I would say he`s reading. The only downside is he had to cancel our appointment tonight because of work. This was going to be our first official lesson at the church. But we`re not worried because he`s already met several members and just has this natural desire to learn more. He`s awesome!
We also taught the Noguchi`s this week about faith and the Word of Wisdom because they always have questions about it. We challenged them to keep the Word of Wisdom because Noguchi san likes to drink sake. They agreed to follow it! But we checked back with them on Friday and they said they hadn`t kept it. So we are going to encourage them and try to help build their faith in our next lesson!
We also had a really good lesson with Emi this week. We practiced some English, and then we taught her the first half of the Plan of Salvation. It`s nice teaching to Emi because she understands we`re not perfect teachers, but she listens really well and answers our questions. I love teaching the Plan of Salvation to people. I think it`s my favorite lesson (not that I have favorites!) We challenged her to read some scriptures and write her thoughts about what she thinks the purpose of life is.
We still did a lot of finding with the Spirit this week! One night was awesome. We found like 3 potential investigators all in one area. We still haven`t been able to meet up with Midori san or Sugita san. But we are being patient, and we know that there will be a time when they will be able to come to an activity or do a lesson and then they will be kinjin!!
As for my Valentines Day I am proud to say nobody asked to be my Valentine. And we only received chocolates from Sister Magalogo and Sister Carvalho. We were supposed to go to an ice skating activity with the Eikaiwa students but since not many showed up and all of them were male we decided it would be more effective to go finding! I hope everyone`s Valentines Day was just as successful!
Have a great week! Don`t freeze! Or die from nice weather!
Malone Shimai

Kumamoto City

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