Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Finding, finding, finding / Week #36

Konnichiwa minisan!
And Happy Birthday Jace!!! You`re 2!! You`re so old now!!!
This week was kind of sad as far as visiting investigators goes. Everyone was really busy with school or work or staying inside their house this week.
But we did teach an investigator named Murata san. She is really nice. She is in her 40s and has one daughter, and she is Buddhist. But she spent a year in England so her English is really good. But we still try to teach her in Japanese. Unless I can`t think of the word and then I give up and tell her in English. Why am I so weak? Okinawa you ruined me! Just kidding. So we taught her the Plan of Salvation and she understands really well, but the thing we are working on is helping her feel it. But she likes to remind us she is Buddhist so she believes differently. So we challenged her to pray and ask Heavenly Father if what we taught her is true. She said she will do it so we will see what her answer is next time. Unfortunately, next time is in another 3 weeks. But never fear! We`re missionaries so we like to suddenly drop in and share scriptures even when we don`t have an appointment!!
We`ve also been applying the training we received from the APs. That is to make appointments with God. So we decide the night before during planning where we want to go housing. We pray, then we look at the map of our area and pick a area, then a smaller section within that area. Then we tell Heavenly Father somebody that we would like to find in that area and we ask for his help. For instance, one night I said I wanted to find a young college student who had an interest in learning about Christ. So we went to the area the next day and after housing for an hour or so we knocked on a door and this young looking guy opened up. When I said we were sharing a message about Christ he didn`t close the door or say I`m good, he listened to our message! We talked to him for like 20 minutes, and at the end he even gave us snacks. Now that`s when you know you`ve found the one. They give you food. But anyways, we`re going to meet him again this week and tell him more. Yay for finding with the Spirit!
Also my new favorite thing is heart attacking members doors. It`s not that hard for us. We just cut out hearts and tape them on people`s doors, but both times we have done it the sister has called us or told us on Sunday how much they appreciated it. So an easy way to show people you care is to tape hearts on their door! Unless you don`t know them. Then it`s kind of weird (choto hen).
And my favorite random thing that happened this week. We were on our way to heart attack a members door when Pinzon shimai stopped to talk to this girl on the street and give her a chirashi/flyer. We found out she is from China, visiting in Japan for a month. She was trying to find out how to get to Kumamoto castle by train. She was speaking to us in Japanese in case you were wondering. Since we were right by the train station we decided to show her where to go. She needed to take the Kumamoto city tram so we actually went to the front of the station where there`s a stop. So she asked if she could take a picture with us and we said yes. It was a horrible picture by the way. We don`t look so great after biking around in the wind and cold. But anyways, I just loved that we were able to help a random Chinese girl find her way in Kumamoto. I want to have more experiences like that. Oh and don`t worry we totally gave her a flyer so someday she will find the church!
I hope everyone has a good week and remember to help people from foreign countries find their way if you see them!!
Malone Shimai

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