Monday, November 10, 2014

What even happened this week? / Week #24

Guys this is serious. I`m starting to forget things. I think I`m going senile. Or I`m just a missionary and my brain can only hold important information like Japanese, scriptures, and members` or investigators names. Actors, song names, etc... are no longer important apparently.

This week was really good. I feel like we had a couple of slow weeks and now we`re back to our normal busy level. Rushing from one appointment to the next is how we like it.

Tuesday night there was a Relief Society activity that was so good! And the main reason it was so good is because Yuliya, Emi and her friend Midori, Karla, and Sam were all there! I think they all had a really good time. And Yuliya told us on Wednesday during the meeting she got goosebumps and felt warm inside. She totally felt the Spirit! And she came to church on Sunday! She is totally progressing. It`s in small ways but she is progressing. We showed her President Uchtdorf`s talk from general conference and talked about faith when we met with her on Wednesday.

Sam and Jonathan are doing solid. They came to church on Sunday and sat in their own little pew and looked like such a cute LDS family! Karla came to church too. I think coming to church has helped her because she seems to be doing better spiritually. She knows people will have questions and will tell her things about the church but she`s decided that`s okay. I think it also helped that the ward gave her visiting teachers and asked her to be a visiting teacher!

We received a couple referrals from the choro-tachi. We met with one of them, Tomoko-san. She`s 60. She has a husband and takes care of his parents who are in their 90s. Elder Wynn and Elder Jolly found her. She`s really funny but she has a difficult life. We taught her about prayer when we met with her. She wasn`t able to come to church but we hope to keep meeting with her.

For service on Saturday we got to help out with the Kadena Special Olympics. All of the Japanese special athletes come on base for the day to do events. We had to get up at 5:00 am to get on base and get registered. It rained the entire morning. But luckily a little after the athletes arrived the weather cleared up and it was so fun! Each of the companionships got a buddy and we take them to their events and help their families. Our buddy`s name was Kurama san. He is 17 and he did the 100 meter dash. He was so great. He would go around and talk to all his friends and talk about how fast he was going to run. He did so great! He didn`t medal, but he got like 4th place!

On Sunday Pinzon Shimai and I spoke in the Gushikawa branch. Speaking in English is so much easier than speaking in Japanese. Who knew? Our topic was Fully Committed to the Gospel and our remarks were based on President Uchtdorf`s talk Are You Sleeping through the Restoration? It`s so good. Everyone go read it right now. Don`t let yourself become sleepy in the Gospel!

Random notes:

Happy Birthday Allison!!!! November 11! You`re the best sister I`ve ever had! You`re turning 30  right? And next year will still be 30 right?

Thank you to Aunt Barbara and Uncle Bob for the package! How did you know all the things I needed? You guys are the best!

For zone P-day today we went on base and ate at Chili`s then reserved a movie theater at the USO and watched Ephraim`s Rescue! I had never seen it before but it was really good. Of course I was hoping it would be Meet the Mormons but that was never actually going to happen...

I hope everyone has a great week! Keep going strong! Or semi-strong! Or barely strong! Just keep going! Heavenly Father loves you, that much I know. Love you!

Malone Shimai

The Sea Wall - Okinawa                    

Our District - Okinawa

Eisa Performance by the American Kids      

Kadena Air Base Special Olympics
(Our buddy Kurama san)

Halloween Treats we made!             

Eating bulgarian food with members from the Japanese Ward



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