Saturday, November 29, 2014

Thanksgiving! But not yet / Week #26

Konnichiwa kyodai shimai!

So the weather here is still ridiculously nice. So nice that all of the winter clothes I just received (thanks mom!) will probably not be used unless I leave Okinawa. I have to make up excuses to wear sweaters. Usually it's indoors because that's the only time it's cold. Anyways...

So we may not have 2 baptismal dates like we've been challenged to, but we are accomplishing one of our other goals. Finding Peruvians (or anyone who speaks Spanish really)! And mainly it`s the other missionaries who have been finding them. Usually the people aren`t that interested but when they find out Pinzon Shimai speaks Spanish and is Columbian they totally open up and want us to come back. It`s funny. And then I stand there and nod while they speak Spanish. Although actually a lot of times I understand whats going on even though I have never taken Spanish in my life. Maybe I should have gone on a Spanish speaking mission...

So one cool story that happened this week. We went and saw Higa san. She's a lady we found housing like a month ago. She's part Filipino and Catholic. We've met with her a few times before but only for short times. Last time we told her that her Heavenly Father loved her and she was a child of God she started crying. It was so sweet. This time we wanted to try talking about family history. But she wasn't interested. She said she didn't want to do it. So we were kind of at a loss as to what to say. So Pinzon Shimai, like the genius she is, pulled out the Book of Mormon to share a scripture. 

The first time we met Higa san we learned that she had been given a Book of Mormon before but she had no idea where it was. We offered to give her another one but she said she was fine. So this time when Pinzon Shimai pulled it out to share a scripture she said "Can I have that?" We were like "Of course you can have it!" So we shared like 3 different scriptures with her and marked them with sticky notes so she could read them again. I've never seen that happen before. Somebody actually asked us if they could have a Book of Mormon? Miracle!

We also met with Tomoko san this week. Our joint, Gibo shimai, was awesome! Right off the bat she told Tomoko san she should be baptized. Of course Tomoko san doesn't really know what that is yet, but that's not the point. So we talked about God a lot and about good and evil. Actually Tomoko san did most of the talking, we're trying to work on getting in a word or two. We also talked about prayer again and Gibo shimai challenged her to pray to Heavenly Father. Because before I think she's always been praying to her mom. But by the end of the lesson I think Tomoko san was willing to try it, thanks to Gibo shimai's testimony. Members are great!

We also found this super cute family that we really want to become investigators. We talked to the wife the first time. Her name is Chiaki. She was totally willing to listen to our message about family history. And when we went back the second time her husband was there. He listened to us too, we just shared a short message about families. Mostly he just asked us where we were from but he was really nice which was surprising. A lot of times the husbands aren't so enthusiastic about us visiting. So we invited them to church. They didn't end up coming, but Chiaki actually responded to our text and said they went to visit her grandma or the kids grandma and that's why they couldn't come. So we definitely will go visit them again!

Lastly, one night we went down to this area called Awase to visit a less active family. We don't usually go down there so we followed the other sisters down this HUGE hill. The family fed us a heavenly dinner of eggs, potatoes, apple pie pancakes, pumpkin spice waffles, and candy bacon. It was amazing. Bacon with brown sugar on it? Yes. It literally was candy. Anyways, the other sisters had to go to another appointment so we had to figure out how to get back to our apartment. We had gps on our phone but it was late and we were trying to figure out how to get back on a main road and get back up the huge hill. Then our phone rang. It was Sister Crosby saying she had the feeling she was supposed to call us. They even went to the church to look for us but we weren't there. The Spirit it awesome! Heavenly Father cares even when it's just small things like not knowing how to get back home when it's late. Miracles!

So as far as having 2 investigators with baptismal dates, I don't really know who it's going to be. We have some people in mind we want to invite, but I don't know that any of them would be ready by next month. But Heavenly Father has been blessing us in other ways such as finding cool people to teach or inspiring Sister Crosby to call us when we really needed a ride home. It really makes me grateful when I look for the small miracles everyday. 

Have a great Thanksgiving everyone! We will be eating at the church. The district is doing a dinner for missionaries, YSAs, and deployed spouse families. We will be well fed for sure. 

Love you!

Malone Shimai

                                         Dinner with Gibo Shimai - The bananas were so small!

Wells Shimai 

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  1. Hi Caitlyn, I hope you are doing well and safe. Just wanted you to know that I passed my classes this semester and will be graduating next semester.