Friday, July 4, 2014

"Our life is an opportunity for God to transform us." / Week #5

Konnichiwa minasan! Although technically I shouldn't say Konnichiwa because that's for the afternoon and it's still morning. Oh well.
I can't believe it's been 5 weeks now! Actually more like 5 and a 1/2 now. Can you believe by the end of the month I will be in Japan? It's crazy to think about. Our Senpai are leaving on Monday. So exciting, but also so sad. You just get used to having certain people around. They had to say goodbye to some of their teachers who are leaving for the 4th of July weekend. It's hard. Once they leave we will be the only district left in our zone. There are 2 other Japanese zones, so it's not like we're the only Japanese missionaries left, but basically our branch is really small now. That's why we are all praying that we get kohai this next Wednesday! I think we find out on Sunday whether we will or not. It not we are going to be very lonely next week.

Some news from this week. On Sunday the special choir got to sing one more time. And this time it was for devotional so all the missionaries got to hear "O Sweet the Joy This Sentence Gives" which is our favorite song we sing. It's such a beautiful song. And the lady who wrote the music for it (because the words are I Know that My Redeemer Lives) was actually there and heard us sing it. So cool. This also means I got to see Sister Magologo and Sister Eyring again. We probably shouldn't be around each other. We're all sarcastic and like to tease each other, so it's kind of a bad combination. Other sisters in the choir probably think we're weird or crazy. Or both.

 I also sang in sacrament meeting with a few other missionaries. We sang the "As Sister in Zion/ Helaman's Army" medley. Since when did I start singing so much? Also I played prelude music for sacrament meeting and that's when everyone found out that I play the piano because I told everyone before that I don't really play. Which is true. I'm really bad at playing hymns, especially when people are singing. But I'm willing to do prelude music because nobody is singing along. And luckily Chun Shimai and Ketch Shimai play the piano and even a few of the Choro-tachi play too. So we're covered.

Also, Chun Shimai and I were called as the new Sister Training Leaders since our senpai are leaving. Basically everyone in my district got callings because we are the only people left. So as the Sister Training Leaders we mainly focus on the sisters and make sure they are doing okay and report it to the branch presidency. Although we look out for everyone in our branch, sisters and elders. But hopefully we get kohai so we get to talk to new sisters and get to help them!! We did hosting again this week. It's funny how all the hosts get excited. Sometimes we fight (not for reals) over who gets to host a person when the car pulls up. There were about 500 new missionaries this week. But a lot of them were elders. I only hosted one sister and the other two were elders. Since they were going to West Campus I got to host them all the way and put them on their bus to West Campus. If they were staying here I would've had to hand them off to an elder to take them to their residence. It's definitely hot though. I'm always sweating by the end. But I figure it's going to be hot in Japan so I might as well get used to it.

Tuesday devotional was super good! It was Elder Lowell M. Snow, a former member of the Seventy. He spoke about being converted to Christ. He said that this is a one time choice. We only have to make it once, despite what others may say. But everyday we have the chance to act on that choice. The role we should always strive to fill is that of disciple of Jesus Christ. By filling that role, we will be able to fulfill any other roles we may have-husband, father, mother, son, daughter, brother, sister, etc. All that Heavenly Father asks of us is that we love one another and choose Him. You should all read Moses 7 (I think that's it), about Enoch. He is shown a vision of the world and the people in it and the things that will happen. And then he asks God how he can weep. God who is the creator of everything, the most supreme being, how can he weep over wicked people? His answer is awesome. But I won't share it because you all need to go read it. Our life is an opportunity for God to transform us. When we let him he can change us, and give us the power to change other people's lives. A mission is one of the best times for us to be transformed and converted to Christ.

This week we taught our investigator Taira Shimai about The Word of Wisdom and Keeping the Sabbath Day Holy. Both of these topics are a little hard for her because she works on Sunday, and she may get fired if she says she can't work on Sundays anymore. She also loves to drink tea everyday so we're trying to help her stop drinking tea. It's interesting to teach these things because sometimes you don't know how to explain WHY we keep these commandments. It makes you ask yourself, "Why do I do this?" It's also harder to explain in Nihongo (Japanese). But she's an awesome investigator because she always tries to do the things we invite her to do. She's still praying about taking work off on Sundays and praying that her boss's heart will be softened. It's always interesting because you're teaching one of your teachers. But the investigator they are playing is a real person. Usually it's someone they taught on their mission. So when you're teaching it feels real. This is a real person who was taught and maybe was baptized and maybe they weren't. 

So everyone at the MTC is excited for the 4th (tomorrow!). The MTC puts on a little performance at night where missionaries get to perform musical numbers that AREN"T hymns (Everyone say "How exciting!") And then after the performance we get to go watch fireworks!!!!! At least I am 99% sure we get to. If we don't I may cry. The things that get you excited in the MTC, you wouldn't believe.

Dad's email made me laugh about the chickens. I feel like they're his children. His "other" family. I would love to spray some water at chickens. Also I can't believe you have a sign saying "Malone Chicken Ranch" or whatever it says. Please tell me you can't buy any more chickens.

Thanks for writing me this week! I really appreciate the letters and emails! They make me so happy. I love hearing what's going on in everyone's lives, no matter how simple or trivial it may seem. Just remember every day is a chance to act on the choice you have made to be a disciple of Jesus Christ. (Unless you haven't made that choice, which in that case, choose Him!)

Aishitemasu minasan! Kazoku wa hontoni aishitemasu!

Malone Shimai

                                                Sister Malone & Sister Peterson
                                       Elder Korrea, Sister Malone & Sister Chun

                                                   Sister Chun & Sister Malone

    Sister Malone & MTC Friend

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