Wednesday, July 30, 2014

I've Arrived in Japan!! / Week #9

So I made it to Japan. Just wanted to let you know. Our mission president should be sending a picture to you at some point.
Our flight was actually more like you said. The flight to Portland was an hour and twenty minutes and then the flight to Tokyo was like ten hours so it wasn't as long as we were all thinking. Also on the long flight over I talked to the girl sitting next to me about the church and gave her a pass along card. And at the end of the flight I gave her a Book of Mormon. I was really nervous about doing it but it was super cool! Luckily she spoke English so I was able to explain things clearly. But I gave her a Japanese Morumon Sho (actually it's the one you guys bought me, hopefully you're okay with that but I thought it was a special occasion that warranted it). Our whole district was challenged to do it and I totally did it!
Our flight to Fukuoka was when the jet lag hit and I've never been out so fast in my life. That two hours went really fast. I didn't even see the safety video. So you can imagine what we all looked like when our mission president finally picked us up. Ten sisters who have been travelling all day and its like 4:00 in the morning in Utah. I slept beautifully last night.
We're at the mission home and we will find out our areas tonight and then head off tomorrow. It's super hot here. And I've already got a bug bite. But it's all good. My mission president and his wife are great. They are so nice and caring. It's so nice to have real food again.
 I'm not going to lie it's crazy to think I'm going to be out doing missionary work all the time and in Japanese. We're having interviews soon and right after this I'm going with a sister missionary in Fukuoka to go do dendo! In other words missionary work. I'm excited and nervous all at the same time. But with the Lord's help I can do it! 
Love you guys! I hope all is going well. I'm pretty sure my P-days will be on Mondays so you should hear from me then.

Malone Shimai

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