Thursday, June 12, 2014

Week #2 in the MTC!

Hello minasan! That means everyone for those of you who don't speak Japanese. Which is like all of you, and me. I don't really speak Japanese either.

Thanks for the emails everyone! I swear I don't even know where to start with what has happened this week. I learn so much each day that its hard to remember what I've learned. I don't know if that makes sense. And I just write as things come into my head so it's going to be really random. The coolest thing this week was having Elder Cook come and speak to us. His message was very specific to missionaries and I think it's exactly what we needed to hear. He told us that we should never feel like we aren't capable. We need to remember that we have been set apart as representatives of Jesus Christ and that He will help us accomplish the work we were sent to do. He also told us that we ARE the message. It's not just what we say or teach but the people we are that will touch people's hearts. Anyways, it was a really great talk. 

Also, yes dad I talked to Elder Orellano and he totally knows Elder Bird! It was so cool! He said Elder Bird helped convert his grandma. He said he's timid but a great missionary. Also speaking of Churros dad I found out this week I spelled Churo wrong in my email. It should actually be Choro with lines over the o's making the sounds a little longer. And in Japanese you kind of flip the r so it sounds more like a d. You're not trilling it like in Spanish. It's more like one trill. So you just flip it up really fast.

As far as people I've seen at the MTC I've seen several people from my singles ward. I'm most likely to know people who work at the MTC rather than missionaries who are coming into the MTC. It's funny. Also, I'm pretty sure I saw the Tengs at one of the devotionals. I don't know what their calling is or why they were there but I'm pretty sure it was them. I can see really well because I sing in the choir for devotionals and we get to look out at everyone. Also apparently me and my roommate were on camera because it was a broadcast since it was Elder Cook who came. Hopefully it wasn't a close up shot. Yikes.

So in the MTC they really focus on the Missionary purpose. But it's not just the thing you recite about bringing people unto Christ. Your missionary purpose also informs the way you plan, study, and teach so they've been teaching us a lot about that this week. We've also been focusing on teaching by the Spirit. It's actually really hard. Not that we don't have the Spirit with us. But sometimes you have to stop and really think about what you are supposed to say rather than just jumping in and saying what you think is right. But I feel like I'm slowly getting better. All of it is really good information that will help me and Chun Shimai plan our lessons better and know what to study for our investigator. Speaking of investigators, we learned we were getting a new one last week and we've been preparing to teach him this whole week and then yesterday we found out we're getting switched with the other Shimai. So we have a new investigator now that we're going to teach tomorrow. But it's all good! The first lesson is where you mostly get to know your investigator better and then share kind of an overview of what you'll teach. So we just have to ask her lots of questions so we can know how to help her.

My district continues to be great and I know by the time we leave I'm going to be really sad because all of the elders are going to Nagoya so I probably won't see them again. At least I know I can probably see the Shimai tachi again in my mission. But who knows maybe we'll get together again when we get back from our missions.

Tell Dawson I love his drawings! The one he sent this last week had lots of people so we decided it was a drawing of our district. He's getting really good:)

I love all of you! I can't tell you how much your letters and emails mean to me so keep on sending them! 

Sister Malone
The Companion
The District

The Shimai-tachi

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